new haiku from scott!

developers rejoice m:\ drive
antivirus software go chomp chomp
microsoft remove in 2003

exchange 5.5 open relay
only way to lock down problem
power off machine

dns is in charge now
netbios is dead proclaims the king
wins still required

multihomed domain controller
registers netbios name on all ports
amnesia ensues

many models many prices
all models up to pro100
have same processor

license policy absurd
all mac addresses count
50 users impossible

tim’s haiku

sonicwalls have a flaw
at three thousand connections
service is denied

netscreens speed a way
thirty thousand connections;
service just begun

submitted by scott:

content filter pimped hard
sales people promise moon
porn slips by

student at school wonder
google give me porn;
child learn quickly

trojan horse killer worm
eating up file structure
pray backups work

antivirus supplied by mcafee
yet sold as sonic;
buyer sold lemon

power supply heat up
unit lifeless no lights
vpn tunnel down

website say replace unit
no advisory to customer;
hand branded 9V