Welcome to the new nerdportal.org. Hopefully it will suck less than the old nerdportal.org.

Nerdportal.org exists because I wanted a nerd newspaper to read. NP.O started as a shell script that did screen scrapes of a few websites and spit out an HTML page. Back in the olden days, before RDF (now RSS) you had to write a script if you wanted syndicated content.


0.1 – Crappy PHP script that did HTML and WAP screen scrapes from a few websites. 1998
0.2 – Some hacked together HTML and the powerful Newsclipper script running on a whitebox in the hallway closet. 2000
0.3 – Drupal on a shared host using 100% RSS feeds via the Aggregator Summary module. 2007
0.4 – WordPress on a shared host using the Supper RSS Reader plugin. 2013
0.5 –¬†Wordpress on a shared host using the RSS Aggregator and Feedzy RSS plugins. 2017